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High Speed Precision Lathe
  • Full geared headstock with 16 spindle speeds from 53-2000rpm.
  • D1-4 camlock spindle nose or DIN 55027.
  • Rigid construction bed are induction hardened over HRC50 and with precision ground.
  • Harden and ground spindle & gears in headstock for high speed running at low noise.
  • Camlock spindle nose.
  • The gears in gearbox are hardened and self-splash lubricated as oil bath.
  • Feeding and threading function are interlocked to prevent setting simulaneously.
  • Feeding direction and engagement are controlled by two push/pull plunger on apron.
  • Front moveable chip tray easily for chip collection and cleaning.
  • Adjustable controller to prevent over-travel for safety protection.
  • Foot brake pedal to apply quick stop and power off.
  • Lockabel tool drawers.
  • CE Compliance.