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JAGUAR ENC (Teach-In) Lathe
20" / 22" ENC Series

2040 ENC

2060 ENC

2280 ENC
  • The rigid construction bed are induction hardened over HRC50 and precision ground provides heavy duty turning and fine finishing at high accuracy.
  • The main spindle is supported by selected and preloaded super precision bearings to ensure high accuracy through full speed ranges.
  • The main spindle, shafts and gears in the headstock are made by high grade alloy steel, are hardened and precision ground for high speed running at lower noise level.
  • The automatic lubrication pump equipped on apron provides all slide-ways and two axes ballscrews lubricants continually.
  • The hardened and precision ground ballscrews for X & Z axes are mounted on high precision bearings to enable sensitive movement.
  • Both X & Z axes equipped with individual electronical handwheels on control panel for manual operation as conventional lathes.
  • Widely & semi-enclosed front chuck & chip guard equipped with interlock switches according to EC regulation provides safety and easy operation.
  • Full length rear splash guard and front moveable chip trolley provides chip and coolants safety and easy clean.
  • A designed openable door on rear splash guard provide for X-Axis and home switches maintanence and adjustment easily.
  • Both X & Z axes are equipped with selected controller whole package AC servo motors with its own power supply and monodrives.
  • The EUCHNER automation sensor equipped on spindle speed changer to provide the exactly positions of speed range for spindle infinitely variable speed selection correctly.
  • Electric positional stops in X & Z axes and tailstock to avoid any over travels. The modular input/output card evidence all control system performance for maintanence and trouble shooting easily