LIONET Slant-Bed CNC Lathe

Model : LT-06M/LT-08M

  • Live Turret with C-Axis Function
    The live turret is driven by servo motor, providing fast and accurate tool positioning and perform milling functions.
  • High Capacity, High Precision Spindle
    The spindle runs in high accuracy double row roller bearings combined with angular contact bearings, exhibiting superior axial and radial thrust capability. The high precision spindle is excellent for high precision machining at high speed while generating minimum heat
  • Cartridge Type Spindle
    The cartridge spindle is easy to remove for convenience should maintenance be required
  • Carefully Assembled and Rigorously Tested
    The spindle is assembled in a temperature controlled room by highly skilled engineers. Each spindle is thoroughly tested, repeatedly cycled through the full speed range prior to assemble into the machine
  • Optimal Base Structure for guaranteed Stability
    The massive box type is manufactured from high quality mechanize cast iron, scientifically rib reinforced to assure the best possible rigidity and stability .
    The base is stress relieved to give lifetime deformation-free service .
    Extra wide span between slideways provide added stability during cutting. All slideways are hardened and precision ground.
  • Linear Guideways:
    Linear guideways on the bed provide high rapid traverse rates increasing productivity
Unit: mm(inch)

Swing over bed 480 560
Cutting Diameter 260 460
X-Axis Travel 175 275
Z-Axis Travel 540 730 1230
Spindle bore 62 87 87 102
Bar Capacity 52 75 75 90
Spindle Speed 4500rpm 3500rpm 3500rpm 3000rpm
Spindle Nose A2-6 A2-8 A2-8 A2-8

X-Axis Servo Motor FXM53 (11.9Nm) βis12(11Nm) 1FK7083 (10.5Nm)
Z-Axis Servo Motor FXM53 (11.9Nm) βis12(11Nm) 1FK7083 (10.5Nm)
Live Turret Servo Motor FXM54 α2i 1FT7084
Main Spindle Motor FM7-A185 (18.5/26kw) βiIP30(15/18.5kw) 1PH8133 (12kw)

X-Axis Servo Motor FXM73 (20.8Nm) βis22(20Nm) 1FK7101 (27Nm)
Z-Axis Servo Motor FXM73 (20.8Nm) βis22(20Nm) 1FK7101(27Nm)
Live Turret Servo Motor FXM55 α3i 1FT7086
Main Spindle Motor FM7-A370 (37/56kw) βiIP40(15/18.5kw) 1PH8163 (22kw)

Standard Equipment:

  • Hydraulic tailstock
  • Automatic lubrication in linear guideways & ballscrews
  • Cutting fluid coolant system
  • Chip conveyor with cart
  • Hydraulic turret
  • Halogen lamp
  • Hydraulic hollow chuck or collet chuck
  • Warning light
  • Levelling blocks
  • Centers and center sleeve
  • Service tools & toolbox
  • Operation, programming & instruction manuals
  • CE compliance

Optional Accessories:

  • Auto parts catcher
  • Automatic door
  • Auto tool probe
  • Bar feeder
  • Heavy duty rolling center
  • Power transformer
  • Power stabilizer
  • Special functions by consult
  • New round type guard

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